Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The mau5 is modular + Plastic People reopens with Prosumer

Canadian producer Deadmau5 opens the doors to his studio and gives a tour of his amply sized modular system.

Plastic People reopens with Prosumer

Prosumer will headline Warm's latest party at Plastic People this Friday.

After closing its doors for refurbishment during the summer, the Curtain Road venue will re-launch itself this weekend with a set from Berlin-based house aficionado, Achim Brandenburg. Exactly what work the venue has received is still unclear, although it isn't likely to affect the place's much-lauded sound system and darkened dancing space. Expect plenty of Chicago and Detroit classics to be played on the evening, plus a wide selection of the latest tracks from the Hard Wax shelves, where Achim is one of the main buyers. Although some of Warm's recent headliners have been playing all night, Prosumer will take a back seat to Warm's residents at the beginning of the evening, only to step up for a four-hour set to close out the bash.

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