Monday, 12 July 2010

Brief Review of Inspiration Information & Fabric Live

It was lovely to see such a good turn out of the usual faces for Phil's last Inspiration Information gig. Unfortunately I dont have the usual pics and videos as something went terribly wrong with my camera an I could only salvage a few crappy pics!!

But I can assure you that music was bought to you in style by the likes of Phil Asher, Patrick Forge & Craig Smith, some great tunes and true selecta skills with all djs doin there thing to keep the crowd bubbling till the early hours.

Later that evening I mooched on down to fabric to go an see Karizma, who played a great lil set in amongst all the other djs who were made to look stupid!! Karizma killed it on edit duty, playin an abundance of exclusive personal edits, mixed up alongside a selection of what I like to call Baltimore broken. Karizma played a wicked set and as for the rest of them, lets just say they could have done better.....

Apologies on the short post but today is to nice to spend writing indoors :-)

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