Monday, 26 April 2010

Review of Big Chill, restless soul & Room 4 Movement.

Excuse all spelling and grammar errors its 3am I'm quite tired writing this one.. & Im only just learning how to edit video so don't cuss lol

Big Chill presents @ The Big Chill House

Ok so i have been active this weekend and first up this weekend on Friday I went to see my pal Danny Native, Bruk Down the Big Chill House quite literally......... This is the fist time I have been to Big Chill House and I have to say its not a bad little venue, theres a good little sound system and its laid out pretty well too, although some of the crowd were abit suspect lol but what can you expect from King Cross ay!!.

Anyway onto the music..... Danny Smashed out some serious bruk pressure and got the bar packed out quite literally in a matter of minutes, playing a varied Altered Natives set with alot of serious new bits (which btw I need if your reading bro). Altogether smashing it up, so props to you sir, killer little set.

restless soul with Guest Boddhi Satva

Ok so Saturday I hit up East Village to go see what was poppin off in the restless soul party and I say this time and time again, restless soul can throw a party!!!! Guaranteed you will have a good time, hear good music and meet people (and thats hard to come by these days).

Anyways when I pitched up and upstairs was ram jammed where Bopstar and Dominic Jacobson where playing hip hop/soul and just grooves in general, which they continued to do all night long.

Downstairs also rammed out had, Craig Whitfield (pictured right) throwing down some serious tunage HHA style, warming up the dance floor from the moment he touched the decks, playing old and new pressure with a sprinkle of niceness in there too... Craig warmed the room up nicely for Boddhi Satva, Big props to Craig for that...

Next on we had man of the hour Boddhi Satva, who i have to say tore it up!! it wasnt what i was expecting at all, not say I didnt think Boddhi was good, I just didnt think he could rock an ancestral soulful sound for three hours and keep the crowd bubbling the way he did. So full props to him for that a very good ancestral set, one of the best i have heard in a while, very deep & soulful at the same time also throwing in some classic house jams, Boddhi kept the crowd bubbling away.

As Always after that came Phil 'The Machine' Asher (not his official name but I think he should change it), Phil tore up the last half an hour alongside Craig, playing feel good house music, really putting the night to bed in a good way. Check out the video I put together, ever the Speilberg lolol....

P.s Look Out for the next Inspiration Informamation on the 14/5/10 with special guest Dj SHUYA OKINO (KYOTO JAZZ MASSIVE).

Room 4 Movement @ The Book club

This was a party you dont call a party, you call a "dance"!! Simple tings!! I love a bit of old school broken beat and woooiiii is that what i got, I turned up to hear Colonel Red smacking out a serious Live PA and not to mention you had other artist in there like Vanessa Freeman and Bembe Segue just jammin on the mic.... A real treat with Phil Asher behind the decks, big up Phil everytime (shouts for playin that At One business)... I'll let you decide from the video footage I took whether it was good or not.....

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