Friday, 23 April 2010

Altered Native's Big Chill Mix, Interview & Event Tonight......

Tonight (Friday) sees a whole world of excitement unleashed at the Big Chill House as Joy Orbison touches down alongside a whole throng of the most forward-thinking British producers and DJs. Supporting acts include the likes of Julio Bashmore, Darkstar, Mount Kimbie, Aaron Audio and Altered Natives, all of whom are artists that deserve the recognition and respect that they're receiving every day from fellow DJs and music bloggers alike.

With all outfits bar Julio Bashmore hailing from London, this night represents the all-encompassing sounds of the coolest capital city on Earth. Each act brings a little something different to the mix: Mount Kimbie providing live soundscapes and glitchy beats; Darkstar bringing their silky, dark dubstep; Julio Bashmore laying down his spacious, fresh take on house; Altered Natives representing the broken beat sound; Aaron Audio bashing out the up-beat, dancefloor destroyers; and of course, Joy Orbison will be demonstrating why he's one of the most well-documented new producers around, showcasing the best in future-garage.

We catch up with Altered Natives, aka Danny Native, who's been involved with music production since 1992, and discuss his important role as the most experienced artist at tonights massive event.

So Danny, how long have you been producing for and how did it all start?

I've been producing as Altered Natives for over ten years now. Previously, when I was producing as myself, I was into producing hip hop, and before that I was a flyer and backdrop graffiti artist. I had a friend at the time who had a really big club track and I saw his track being played everywhere. I watched the enjoyment people got out of it on the dancefloor, while providing visuals for the clubs and I soon made the change from art to music. Hip hop was my first love. At that time I was also a writer, a rapper basically. That's not really a very well known fact though.

How would you describe your sound then?

I've lived in London all my life. I grew up in Hackney but I've lived in various places all over London. I love my city. I love the fact that it's so diverse and we've got so many different cultures and races all melted together. That is my sound really. It's a diverse mish-mash of every culture. I've never been the kind of person to stick to one scene; I like to be diverse and free with my writing.

Are there any artists who particularly influenced you as you started out or have you always tried to pave your own path?

I've never been overly influenced by music. All my influences come from life experiences really. You can tell if I'm in a good mood or bad mood through my music, it's kind of like a diary for me because I write on a daily basis. I get annoyed if I don't write. If I go away on holiday, I get tetchy, I know I'm supposed to be relaxing but I relax better when I'm writing. I don't intend to stop or ever want to stop. I'm happy and blessed that people are starting to enjoy what I'm doing because it doesn't begin or end anywhere for me, it's just constantly flowing.

Are you now sick of hearing 'Rass Out', perhaps your most well known tune?

No I wouldn't say I'm sick of it because it's probably the biggest achievement I've ever made. Everyone can appreciate the energy and the drums on it, everyone can get with that groove, you can't not nod your head to it.

Are you a fan of the other acts playing with you this Friday?

Julio Bashmore, Joy Orbison, all these guys coming through, they're changing up the face of what's going on. Julio Bashmore's take on house is fresh, bringing new angles and perspectives to the genre. It makes me really proud to be involved with it. There's a bunch of young UK producers who are coming up and making names for themselves now. I kind of see myself as their big brother and try to give them my advice and support whenever it's needed.

Before, everything seemed to be so segregated, now everyone's sound seems to compliment each other; it's almost like someone's found all the jigsaw pieces and is now fitting them together. This year's going to be a good year for a lot of people – I'm just excited to see how it all pans out. It's also my first time playing at the Big Chill House this Friday. I've been there before and liked it a lot so I'm really looking forward to it.

Big Chill presents @ The Big Chill House, Friday 23rd April.

Line Up

Joy Orbison
Altered Natives
Mount Kimbie (Live)
Julio Bashmore
Aaron Audio

Time: 8pm - 3am
Venue: The Big Chill House, 257-259 Pentonville Road, King's Cross
Cost: FREE Before 10pm, £5 After

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