Monday, 5 April 2010

Reboot Album

The world of complex rhythm architecture will soon come to the album format; Frankfurt's Reboot will release Shunyata in June.

The beatmaker has often described his work in the aforementioned terms, and Shunyata is no different. While there are unexpected moments like the sedate opener "Uruana" and the sampled guitar that appears on "Sanchez Says" throughout the album, Reboot's core sound remains intact. Percussion is the major focus, with a strong emphasis put on the power of shifting rhythmic elements within each song. Nonetheless, the way that Reboot has crafted these sounds is new--for him, at least. The album represents the first full-scale experiments with his modular synth set-up, echoing the record's title, which as the press release tells us is loosely translated from its Buddhist origins as "emptiness. But not just in the negative sense: it speaks also to impermanence, a state of constant flux."

The album is Reboot's first and will appear on Cadenza Records. It follows singles on labels such as Defected, Cocoon and Below, as well as a mix CD for Cecille last year. Cadenza will release Reboot's Shunyata on May 16, 2010.

01. Uruana
02. Me Show
03. We Only Just
04. Dreilach
05. Save Me
06. Shunyata
07. Hermano
08. Down Pantha
09. Rambon
10. Sanchez Says

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