Monday, 23 July 2012

New Album: Sage Monk - Heartache Allegory (Free Download)

Sage sheltered himself in a studio to work on Heartache Allegory. An album dedicated to Love and the flaws caused by Love. Sage says "To the woman who - in an ideal world - could have been with me as I am writing this: much love, no hard feelings, we grow, time will tell, it must be written somewhere that we may see each other again..."

Executive producer: Boddhi Satva
Project Coordinator/Label Management: Ivan Diaz
All songs recorded by Boddhi Satva & Sage Monk
All songs mixed by Boddhi Satva @ Ngombi Studio
Mastered by Boddhi Satva @ Ngombi Studio
Management by Hicham Archer for Gain Cause
Art direction by Boddhi Satva
Original art by Boris Fontainas
Design by Ricone Graphics
P&C 2012 Offering Recordings

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