Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Deniz Kurtel's second LP: The Way We Live

Wolf + Lamb will release the sophomore album from Deniz Kurtel on June 4th.

The Way We Live sees the Turkish-born artist engage in a collaboration on each of its 12 tracks. Wolf + Lamb's Gadi Mizrahi is the most frequent guest, appearing four times under his own name and once as one half of Wolf + Lamb. San Fran trio PillowTalk appear three times throughout, while further members of the "Marcy All Stars"—Soul Clap, Tanner Ross, Thugfucker, Voices of Black—further colour the record. There's also a hook-up with Art Department's Kenny Glasgow on the track "Don't Wanna Be."

Stylistically, its unclear as to what type of sounds Kurtel explores on The Way We Live, although something in the vein of her 2011 debut for Crosstown Rebels, Music Watching Over Me, which traded in smoky, pop-tinged deep house, is to be expected.


01. I Knew This Would Happen with Tanner Ross feat. Pillowtalk

02. You Know It's True with Gadi Mizrahi

03. Love Triangle (Instrumental) with Wolf + Lamb

04. The Way We Live with Gadi Mizrahi

05. Hypocrite with Gadi Mizrahi

06. Right On with Gadi Mizrahi feat. Michael Franti

07. Don't Wanna Be with Kenny Glasgow

08. Safe Word with Soul Clap feat. Navid Izadi

09. Wake Me Up with Pillowtalk & Thugfucker

10. Blackness with Pillowtalk & Thugfucker

11. Thunder Clap with Voices Of Black

12. The Beat Drops with Tanner Ross feat. Jules Born

Wolf + Lamb will release The Way We Live on June 4th, 2012.

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