Monday, 30 January 2012

KDJ-ONE GameBoy Style Mobile Music Workstation

This the 2012 NAMM Show, CyberStep introduced the KDJ-One GameBoy style mobile music workstation.


The KDJ-ONE is a mobile audio workstation with synthesizer, sequencer, and audio capabilities.

Compact size and battery allow it to be carried and used anywhere.

WLAN support enables quick and wireless integration into any existing production environment.

Multi-touch screen, keypad, and jog dial.

ACIDized WAV support allows time stretching/pitch shifting of audio clips.

Internal synthesizer can also be accessed via external software as a VSTi.

Sonic vibrator

The KDJ-One is priced at $799 without WIFI or $829. Which seems pretty high, but none of our gear came with a sonic vibrator, either.

Hardware Specifications

CPU - Intel ATOM E640 1.0GHz

Display - 5.0 inch WVGA (800×480) with Multi-Touch Panel

Main Memory -512MBytes

SSD - 4.0GBytes

External Storage - microSD, USB Memory

Battery - Lithium ion battery 2000mAh x 2

Connection - USB 2.0 host x 2, slave x 1, wireless LAN

Audio I/O - Mic/Line in, Line out, Built-in mic

Speaker - 0.5W (0.25W+0.25W Stereo) 120Hz – 20,000Hz, QW Body Sonic Vibrator


Max. Polyphony - 64 voices

Waveform Memory - 14 MB (Extendable)

Waveform - 240 Types (Multi-Layered)

Oscillator - 2 Units 10 algorithms

Filter - 7 Types

Modulator - 4 Units, 10 Algorithms (Correspondence to Step Modulator)

Num. of Programs - Preset: 200 Voices, 100 Drum Kits, 100 Audio Clips

Max. Audio Volume - 1GB Per Project

Effects - 20 Types, 2 Systems for Each Track, and Master Effect


Tracks / Pattern - 6

Patterns / Song Play - 4

Resolution - 384tick / Quarter Note

Tempo - 40 – 400

Recording Mode - Loop (Real Time) Recording, Step Recording

Score Editing Mode - Piano Roll

Pattern Length - 999 Measures

Song Length - 9,999 Measures

Number of Patterns - 999 Per Project

Number of Songs - 99 Per Project

Data / PC Link

Read - WAV (ACID Format), OggVorbis

Write - WAV (ACID Format), OggVorbis, SMF

DAW Plug-in - VST-i, Audio Unit

OS - Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.5 or later

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