Thursday, 22 December 2011

Dirtybird set to release new compilation: Hatched

Dirtybird has a new compilation in the works called Hatched.

Run by Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin, Dirtybird has been putting out bass-heavy house music since 2005. Hatched gives a snapshot of where the San Francisco institution is at today, with with a dozen new tracks by as many artists, both established (VonStroke, Catz 'N Dogz, Worthy) and new to the fold (Tom Flynn, Sacha Robotti, Eats Everything). Before the full compilation comes out in February, the tracks will be released across three digital EPs beginning in January, "spanning a bird's full life cycle from hatchling to roast dinner" as VonStroke puts it. All of the songs included are previously unreleased. 

01. Claude VonStroke & Eats Everything - Ignorance Is Bliss 
02. Sacha Robotti - The Major 
03. Kingdom - SFX 
04. Tom Flynn - Jerry's Liquor Store
05. Christian Martin - Waiting
06. Dj Cra$y - That Amen Track (BrEaCh Remix)
07. Samuel Dan - Bitch
08. Catz n Dogz - Bring Me That Water
09. A1 Bassline - Why Do You
10. Worthy - Shy Look
11. Kingdom - SFX
12. Nick Monaco - Long Kiss Goodnight

Dirtybird will release Hatched on February 29th, 2012.

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