Monday, 13 June 2011

Ableton Live LV3 controller by Faderfox

Faderfox will launch a new controller, the LV3, in mid June.

The LV3 drops almost exactly a year after the bulk of Faderfox's
third generation of controllers were released. It's an Ableton-focused controller that, like its predecessors in the current generation, is USB bus powered and ultra compact. Eight tracks (two more than the LV2) can come under simultaneous control. 24 programmable keys, four multifunctional push encoders, two joysticks, and a dedicated encoder and display for scene/clip selection and launching all also adorn the LV3. Faderfox designer Mathias Fuch outlines the features and upgrades in the below introductory video.

Faderfox will release the LV3 in mid-June 2011 at a suggested retail price of 250 Euro.

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