Thursday, 12 May 2011

Osunlade New "Pyrography" Abum Video Interview..

Osunlade had embarked on what is to be the greatest achievement of his career. One would thing that being a gold and platinum selling producer and creating one of the most respected recording labels in the world would be enough. But the highest level of success is when you can give back to the creators who blessed you with the gift the world loves.

Osunlade fully knowns that he is simply a vessel and with his newest release 'Pyrography' encompasses all the gratitude and love he has for God, the Orishas , his FANS/FAMILY and all who have shared this journey with him.

'Pyrography' is the junction where music and art become one and this brilliant collaboration with Australian pyrography artist Scott Marr bridges the two.

This multi-sensory experience expands into a Historic moment as it includes never before published , nor translated prayers of the Orishas.

Yoruba the culture , religion, language, tradition, tribe has been passed down orally from teacher to student to nations for many moons. Also giving children of the diaspora solace and connection to our divine ancestral lineage. For that 'Pyrography' is purely and offering to all that have come before and continue forth.

So Join us in supporting 'Pyrography'

'Pyrography' the BOOK & CD is a limited edition collectors item. It is special order as the book itself is a work of art. To purchased simply send your email information to and you will receive a return email with further details. When the numbers meet the required amount the books will go into production.

May 16th 'Pyrography' the ALBUM(only) will be available through digital release worldwide. And is available for pre order on Itunes NOW.

Yes we have said much but only to bring clarity to what is happening with Yoruba Records.

Clear? Please share and invite as many people as possible to the release of 'Pyrography"

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