Monday, 17 January 2011

Atjazz Review & free tracks

Studnitzky - "Hauke EP"

The live musician Sebastian Studnitzky lives in Berlin and plays with renowned artists such as Jazzanova Live, Nils landgren, Mezzoforte, etc. on an international level. "I used to be just a jazz trumpeter", says Sebastian Studnitzky. In the course of his musical career though, he has managed to open many doors into Pop, Club and Jazz Music, developing into a unique multi-instrumentalist. He plays trumpet, the piano and the keyboard. On his new album EGIS and on this release "Hauke". He has created his very own sound, mixing his jazz-background with electronic sounds. This was nothing new to him as he has been working an performing with electronic producers such as Soulphiction and Ricardo Villalobos in the past. Atjazz, Vakula and Subfossil all offer great new interpretations with their club-remixes of "Hauke".

This Ep is dope and is a must have for all fans of deep house. Atjazz has really gone to town on this one and stripped it back to raw deep house vibes, which almost sounds like a contradiction in terms but when you listen you will understand.

BWR009 - Studnitzky "Hauke EP" by bestworks

Lee Ritenour & Dave Grusin - Early Am - (Paris Cesvette and Abicah Soul Mix)

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